The Problem

Bird droppings are some of the worst contaminants out there, especially for coatings like those on cars. The alkaline pH of the bird droppings will corrode your car's finish. Seagull droppings are especially damaging due to their high levels of lime and albumen.


The bird droppings eats its way through all the layers of your car's clear coat finish, literally tearing a hole into the surface.


Because your car's finish can be permanently damaged by bird droppings, they should be removed as thoroughly and as soon as possible.

The solution for removing damaging bird droppings is a sponge cloth soaked in a special cleaning fluid applied to the contaminated surface.


Press the sponge cloth onto the droppings so that they can be softened by the cleansing lotion, neutralising the protein compounds and absorbing the dirt particles. In the next step, gently remove the droppings across the surface.


Bird's ex can remove bird droppings from all sensitive paint surfaces; even those that have already dried can be quickly and easily removed by Bird's ex after soaking them in the lotion to soften them up.

Thanks to the keep-clean packaging, your fingers remain spotless during the entire process.



The Solution
Bird's ex - Das Produkt
Dank der Keep-Clean-Verpackung bleiben die Finger sauber!
Bird's ex - Anwendung

Bird's ex is not only a very interesting and useful product because of what it does, but it can also offer you many more advantages as a business customer.


Become a retail sales partner (petrol stations and service areas, car parts & accessories retailers, car washes, etc.)

Use Bird's ex as a unique advertising medium with high recognition value and long-time presence for your business (e.g. petrol stations and service areas, insurance offices, workshops, automotive trade, and more)


We will be glad to inform you personally about the various possibilities.


The following options are available for our sales partners:


  • Bird's ex as your own brand
  • Bird's ex as an outside brand in OEM design


Sales support: product presentation, stands, shelf displays, flyers


The following advertising materials may be available, depending on the quantity ordered:

  • use of your CI
  • print your address and advertising message
  • design and graphics services of all kinds
  • email and mass mailings with samples of Bird`s ex
Bird's ex - Advertising Material







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