A wallet that helps you to keep all your important items with you anywhere and at any time

iPAYZ® integrates your iPhone® into a full-fledged wallet and offers a lot of space, extras and attention to detail. You can keep all your important items with you at any time and anywhere using this wallet.


The magnetic locking holder integrates your iPhone® safely into the wallet and facilitates the use of all the functions of iPhone® incl. camera, headphones and charger. If you receive a call, you can take out the iPhone® at lightning speed and with great ease. The holder acts as a protective cover.


  • made of first-class genuine leather
  • high quality magnetic locking iPhone® plastic holder
  • iPhone® can easily be taken out
  • safe protection and hold
  • camera usable (for horizontal and vertical shooting positions)
  • easy to use
  • functions as a stand



  • folding wallet
  • safety closure flap with snap fastener
  • 1 compartment for bank notes
  • 1 change compartment for coins with metal zip fastener
  • 8 credit card compartments:  Bank and Club cards
  • 1 large compartment: personal identity card / vehicle documentation
  • 1 mesh compartment for important personal items, pictures
  • unfolded 20.5cm wide
  • embossed logo



Colour: different depending on the model; lining: green

Material: genuine 100% leather

Weight: 100g w/o cradle, 135g with cradle

Dimensions: ca. 13.5 x 10 x 2.5 cm


iPAYZ® is an innovative wallet made of genuine leather with a cleverly integrated and replaceable iPhone® plastic holder.


mag(net)ic !

This wallet embodies the love for aesthetic and functional details and is characterised by its great flexibility at the same time: Your iPhone® is held in a stable way through two magnetic holding points without any risk of getting lost from the wallet. At the same time, it can easily be taken out of the wallet. The iPhone® hence remains protected.


By loosening just one of the contact points, you can tilt your iPhone® without taking it out and use its photo/video functions conveniently.

use it to pay: on- and offline

Future-proof: With the upcoming trend of carrying out payment transactions through e-payment, iPhone® would be brought into greater focus as a payment medium and will hence undoubtedly be a vital part of your wallet.


regardful !

Another advantage is the foldable third wall of the wallet, which, besides offering more space for important items, also provides protection to your cards from external magnetic fields.


one more ...

Last but not the least, you can also use iPAYZ® as a stand for your iPhone® and hence set the stage for your pictures, alarm clock and other functions.



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